Which rabbit breed is the friendliest with children?

Rabbits make great pets for children! They are easy to handle, gentle creatures who are usually only too happy to sit on a child’s lap and be stroked. They do not require hours of walking, but they do however have needs that it’s very important you take care of, and it’s vital to understand what these are before taking a rabbit on.

Pet ownership is a fantastic way of teaching children about responsibility. Due to their mostly small sizes, rabbits are easy to care for. Children can get involved in all aspects of the care of rabbits, including cleaning their hutches, ensuring they receive food and fresh water daily, exercise and having access to a run, and plenty of fresh greens, and that they are taken to the vet and receive all their essential vaccinations and medical checks.

Apart from being useful in teaching children how to care for pets and learn responsibility, rabbits can be great companions too. Their cuteness makes them ideal cuddling partners, especially if you find a breed that loves being held and stroked. If you decide to get a pet rabbit for yourself or your child, understanding which breeds are the most friendly and most like to be handled will help you pick one that is suitable for you. This article is a compilation of rabbit breeds that are the friendliest of all:

Holland Lop

Holland Lops are one of the smallest lop-eared breeds of rabbits.  They are a breed of domestic rabbit that weighs a maximum of 4lb (1.8kg). With an excitable, active, and friendly personality, the Holland Lop makes a great pet rabbit for a child. You should note that they do not like to be held for too long, however, and like all rabbits, will squirm and wriggle when they have had enough. They are easy to care for but shed a lot during the summer months. They have a life expectancy of 7-14 years, meaning that, if taken care of properly, you should have many long and happy years together.

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch rabbits also are referred to as Hollander or Brabander rabbits and are known for their characteristic color pattern. Despite their name, they were originally bred in England. They are very calm and friendly with children and their 4-5.5lbs weight makes them easy for children to carry.

They are typically laid back and gentle but they can become quite depressed if cooped up for too long on their own. It is therefore important to let them roam about for some time every day. Their unique-colored fur is easy to care for, but it will shed during the summer months. They have a life expectancy of 5-8 years and do not display any particular health issues.

Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotots are another breed of domestic rabbit that exhibit distinctive coloring. The 2.5-3.5lbs balls of fur are usually purely white with a ring of either dark or brown color around each eye. The friendly and typically active rabbit is suitable for older children because they will understand better how to handle this breed of rabbit. Although it is tiny enough to fit into a small cage and quite easy to care for, its feeding habits need to be watched closely to avoid overeating. They offer 7-10 years of cuddles and fun to their owners.

Californian Rabbit

The Californian rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that was bred from crossing a standard Chinchilla rabbit and a Himalayan rabbit. Although the rabbit was bred for its coat and meat, it is now one of the most popular pet rabbit breeds. The friendly and laid-back rabbit can be shy and skittish when it is not yet familiar with people, but it will, however, over time, become a great family companion. It can weigh up to 12lbs and has a life expectancy of 5-10 years.

English Lop

The English Lop is another popular breed of lop-eared rabbit. This fancy breed of a domestic rabbit is believed to be the oldest breed of lop and was originally bred in England, hence its name. The 11lbs-average rabbit is characterized by its long ears and large body size. Being large means it is susceptible to several health issues including ear infections. They require constant care and attention as you need to ensure that you stay on the lookout for health issues they might face.

Because of its large ears, its nails have to be clipped short in case your bunny steps on its ears. Get rabbit clippers for the rabbit’s nails to prevent your long-eared friend from injuring itself. Although this breed of rabbit is typically friendly, the constant care it requires makes it more compatible with older kids.

French Angora Rabbit

The French Angora is one of the five breeds of Angora rabbits. The large furry 7.5-10lbs rabbit is typically friendly, calm, and docile and they make great companions, especially for children. Although they are usually low-maintenance pets when it comes to their cages and bedding, their long hair means they need more care and attention than other breeds, to avoid matting which can be painful and dangerous to hygiene and health. They have a life expectancy of 7-12 years.

Himalayan Rabbit

Himalayan rabbits are one of the most popular children-compatible breeds of rabbits. Mainly because of their friendly, curious, and easy-going personalities.  These 2.5-5lbs of balls of fur are very sensitive to the cold so they need to be kept as warm as possible. They typically do not exhibit any out-of-the-ordinary health issues and they are easy to care for. Their fur is usually white with streaks of coloring making them an attractive bundle to cuddle. They have a life expectancy of 5-8 years.

Sussex Rabbit

This relatively new cross breed of Lilac and Californian rabbits usually weigh around 7lbs and are suitable for children of all ages because of their loving, friendly, and docile personality. They also take well to other pets when introduced gently. Although this rabbit is fairly new to the world of pets, it is gaining popularity rapidly because of its “teddy bear” appearance and its sweet personality. More and more pet owners are beginning to fall in love with the typical gold or cream-colored ball of fur that has a life expectancy of 6-8 years

Taking proper care of your pet rabbit ensures that it lives as long as possible and that it maintains its naturally friendly and happy personality. Your rabbit mustn’t be lonely as they can become depressed so give them toys, mental stimulation, and plenty of your time and attention if you want a super friendly furry friend in return.

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