By Owning A Cat, It Can Improve Your Health

There are many different ways that cats can help improve our health, but that does not mean that you should become a cat owner if you are not up for the task. Cats need to be taken care of properly, so if you want to have a good start, take your cat and set an appointment for cat vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital or another reputable vet clinic in your area.

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Did you know that if you own a cat, you have fewer chances to die from cardiovascular disease? There was a study from Minnesota University that found that people who did not own cats were 30 to 40% more likely to have cardiovascular disease, than those who owned a cat.

Cats will never judge you

  1. Less heart attack chances

On the same note, cats are known to reduce the risk of a heart attack for their owner as well. Your whole cardiovascular system will thank you, as you will reduce the full chances of dying from a sudden heart attack.

  1. No allergies

There has been a study that showed that not only cats, but most pets, will decrease the chances of your kids having allergies when they grow up if they are raised in a pet-friendly environment. Usually, people believe the opposite of this, but as it turns out, pets are very healthy for younger kids to be around.

  1. Improve immune system

Just like they help kids, and adults with allergies, pets, and especially cats, are great for improving and straightening your immune system. This works the best if the kids grow up with a cat, but just by having a cat around even as an adult, they can protect you. So, make sure you do the same for them, and take your cats to for their health checkups.

Since cats are very playful, they will distract you from unnecessary worries

  1. Reducing blood pressure

Yet another thing that cats and some other pets are great for is reducing your blood pressure and helping you have better blood levels in general. Just by stroking your cat, you will feel calm and at ease. There was a study at the New York University that proved that pets can stabilize our blood pressure.

  1. Reduce stress

This should already be obvious since just by petting your cat you will feel relaxed, but for those who did not get the memo, owning a cat can reduce stress tremendously. They are great companions for everyone, and they are known to sense when their human is feeling bad, which is usually when they ask for pets and act all cutely.

  1. Mental health

Another thing that cats are great for is improving our mental health, which in today’s society is not that well taken care of. Well, cats can help you go through many different issues, and even help PTSD patients.

On another note, they are great for those who suffer from things such as anxiety or depression. Cats are known to help people who have to cope with losing a loved one, and they are great for people who suffer from serious mental issues.

Final word

However, keep in mind that if you are planning to have a cat, you should not take the cat “just ‘cause”, because owning a cat is a huge responsibility. They should be treated as a part of the family, and you should never neglect them. Cats are here to shower you with love, as they will always give their unconditional affection.

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