Finding the Right Vet for Your Pet

If you are seeking an animal hospital Phoenix AZ has many reputable and compassionate veterinarians that can facilitate any medical needs your pet may have. There are many reasons why a pet owner may be seeking veterinary care. The most common and non-urgent reason is for yearly checkups. Yearly checkups give owners an up to date record of their beloved pet’s health. Just like people; pets need a yearly check up to make sure they are in good health. 

When you take your pet in for their annual checkup the vet will start out by confirming all paperwork is correct. The pets’ weight and height will be taken, and an overall physical exam will be performed. This is when a vet or vet tech will look for any bumps, lumps or skin abnormalities that will need further investigation. Some vets require a urine or fecal sample for checkups. Your pet will be given a head to tail checkup and most exams end with vaccinations. Vaccinations will include rabies, distemper, Bordetella and any other vaccinations the vet may suggest. It is suggested for dogs and cats to receive dental exams and cleanings every few years as well. Your vet will let you know when it is time for a cleaning and schedule that appointment after your exam. 

In addition to yearly exams there are many other reasons a pet owner may seek out veterinary care. If your pet is not acting right and may have an illness you will be able to schedule an appointment and have your pets’ health assessed. In some cases IV, treatment, x-rays and other medical tests may be necessary to find the root cause of the illness. Veterinary care clinics can also perform necessary lifesaving surgeries and treatment options for senior pets or pets that may be suffering from long term illnesses. If you have a pet that is injured and needs immediate care, it is best to have a number for a twenty-four-hour emergency vet on hand. Emergency care is for animals that are very sick or injured and need help immediately. All veterinary offices should be able to provide their patients with a number for an emergency vet that they recommend if the need ever arises. 

Some veterinary clinics have multiple locations. This can be extremely handy if you need to schedule an appointment and one office is booked. This is also very helpful if you are local to most of the offices and your pet requires care. In addition to multiple locations it is not uncommon for veterinary care offices to sell various pet recommended products such as flea and tick treatments, heart work preventative treatments, specialty snacks and food for pets on restricted diets and pet care basics such as shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, leashes and collars. Once you have found a trusted veterinary care location you will be able to rest easy knowing your pet is receiving the best possible care for their routine yearly checkups and their urgent care needs.

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