Bearded Dragon Lighting – UVA Bulbs Explained

Most lightbulbs generate UVA, but you want a strong basking bulb that will work for your tank. It is advisable to buy two basking bulbs as it is essential if your setup somehow requires more heat, also if say one bulb gets blown out, you’ll at least have a backup light that will keep your beardie heated until the replacement. The general rule is to keep backups as explained and have nice temperature gauges in place.

For the lights to work properly, you will need a cage that can accommodate these bulbs easily. We recommend at least a 4x2x2 cage. Find here a list of the best cages for bearded dragons.

Selection Of UVA Basking Lighting For Bearded Dragons

Since Bearded Dragons can’t survive without a heat source, it is recommended to get them the following basking lights to help them digest food. These lightings are arranged from what I believe to be the best basking lights to the average lights that are still pretty good. Either way, you can’t go wrong, because if anything gets blown out or comes in bad condition, simply contact amazon seller’s support and they’ll replace them without a question.

We’ll go into UVB bearded dragon lighting after this. I’ve also included the recommended fixture, ceramic night heater, and fixture stand that makes your setup look night and day. This is a well-thought-out guide created for serious to beginner bearded dragon owners.

For the easiest and most reliable basking source, we recommend the Exo Terra Multi-Purpose daylight basking bulb.

Lighting Fixtures, NightTime Heaters, & Stands

Bearded Dragon Lighting – Which UVB Lights To Get?

UVB Compact Bulbs Vs UVB Florescent Tubes

The difference between the compact and the tubes is quality. For a more natural and realistic outdoor look, the tubes are designed for mild yet highly effective output of UVB rays. The compact UVB bulbs are very dangerous and have short frequencies of UVB rays that can be harmful to your bearded dragon up close.

It is recommended that you gauge the UVB with a UVB temperature gun, to fully understand what your reptile is absorbing. Bearded dragon lighting is arguably the most important to keep your beardie healthy and thriving as they are cold-blooded creatures that rely on heat.

We highly recommend Reptisun 10.0 since they are the safest and most effective UVB fluorescent tubes on the market. From experience, you’ll see a huge difference changing from a lame painfully dangerous compact UVB bulb to a real UVB lighting made especially for desert-like creatures, like the Bearded Dragon. If you are going to buy something else, you must know that there are very few products out there that compete with this at the same level.

Terrarium Hoods Designed For T-8 Bulbs

Zoo Med T-8 Hoods – Simply Place Over Enclosure

Like most products, you can give a good and bad review, but this is simply a solid product. Easy to manufacture and very sturdy. I would ignore any negative comment found about these, as it is most likely the buyer’s fault in the first place. Although it is plastic made, it is affordable. I can only recommend that you be careful with your basking bulb placement and make sure the light is not so close that it melts the plastic. I have to give two big thumbs up to Zoo Med for creating the reptilian and the hoods!

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